Closing the skills gap: How a swift solution empowered a FTSE 100 giant.

The client.

A FTSE 100 multinational corporation and a leading provider of contract foodservice and support services that operates in over 40 countries with 500,000+ employees.

Delivering an array of services spanning food and beverage provision, catering, cleaning, and facility management, the company is recognized for innovation, quality, and sustainability, catering to diverse global client needs.

Resourcing Requirement

Report Improvement

Amazon QuickSight

Project goals.

  • Provide a quick and effective solution to address a short-term lack of in-house expertise in Amazon QuickSight whilst minimising disruption to the client’s operations.
  • Develop a consolidated, data-driven dashboard that serves as a singular source of truth summarising information from existing dashboards.
  • Empower stakeholders whilst maintaining operational efficiency by eliminating the need to divert energy towards upskilling or additional hiring.

The solution.

We set out to understand the client’s data and vision with the objective to provide a solution within a limited timeframe.

One of our resources proficient in Power BI and capable of quickly learning Amazon’s QuickSight was identified.

We efficiently integrated the consultant into the client’s team and data setup, ensuring a smooth onboarding with minimal delay.

The dashboards development adhered to established standards and the client’s parameters which we understood.

We prioritized user-friendly features that would enable quicker, intuitive insight and decision making.

We utilised features in AWS SPICE to enable seamless data integration across the diverse sources.

A dual accomplishment of enabling insightful decision-making whilst maintaining operational efficiency.

The outcome.

Developed a comprehensive dashboard consolidating data from four sources to effectively create a singular version of truth.

Empowered stakeholders whilst maintaining operational efficiency and eliminating the need for additional hiring or upskilling.

Successfully delivered a unique solution to an ever growing problem, surpassing client expectations within the tight deadlines.

Data Consulting have been brilliant from the start. The colleagues assigned to us have picked up our software quickly and have added value from day one.

The clients Head of Business Intelligence