Data-driven assurance and how validating in-house analytics can enhance confidence.

The client.

Our client, a leading British online fashion retailer specializing in clothing, footwear, and homeware, caters to a diverse customer base with fashionable and affordable options. With a rich heritage and forward-thinking approach, it boasts a brand portfolio featuring well-known labels catering to various style preferences and lifestyles, ensuring customers have ample choices when shopping.

The company has expanded its services beyond retail by offering credit facilities. This initiative allows customers to purchase items on credit, spreading the cost over time and enhancing affordability. By integrating credit facilities into its business model, our client aims to provide a comprehensive shopping experience while meeting the diverse financial needs of its clientele.


Audit Innovation


Project goals.

  • Identify vulnerabilities in credit account management, focusing on accurate reporting of vulnerable customers with access to credit facilities.
  • Verify the effectiveness and reliability of in-house analytical metrics used to assess vulnerable customers with access to credit facilities.
  • Gain assurance in the accuracy and integrity of in-house reporting and analytics.

The solution.

We engaged in discussions with the client to understand priorities and establish their definition of a vulnerable customer.

Worked with the client to select six key metrics to assess, such as payment behaviour thresholds for vulnerable customers.

Conducted discovery and interrogation with the client’s Data Analytics team to understand the reporting and analysis processes.

Assisted in collecting raw data directly from the source for a 3-month sample period to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Created SQL analytics queries tailored to the six metrics and optimised them for easy modification and deployment in the client’s Teradata environment.

We worked closely with the client in an iterative feedback loop to address disparities between our analytics and the reported values.

Ensuring accuracy in credit account management reporting and boosting client confidence in their in-house analytics process.

The outcome.

We created tests for the six metrics that yielded results with only a 0.1% variance from the client’s, showcasing our solution’s effectiveness.
We identified no vulnerabilities in the client’s analytics and reporting process and provided valuable assurance in its accuracy and integrity.

We enhanced the client’s confidence in their credit account management, their reporting process, and their in-house data analytics team.